“COUNTERFEIT” is a short film noir comedy about an aging, obsessive method actor desperate for a career comeback and an ambitious younger woman who’s stymied in her assignment as an undercover homicide detective in small town Palookaville. Each attempt to deceive the other with false identities and subterfuge after their first encounter at a local bar.  But this façade of hiring a hitman begins to quickly unravel inside his motel room when she visits him as a battered, distressed housewife and makes an impassioned plea to close the deal.


This will be a 2 location, 3-day shoot from a 7-page script.  Our goal is to raise 12K to do it right.


I want this 4th film of mine to rival anything I’ve done before in the past and go toe to toe with the quality that Hollywood delivers.  The ultimate goal would be an acceptance in to a few of the bigger festivals like Sundance, Atlanta, and Austin: requiring I hire the best talent Iowa can offer.


With your help we can make it happen! Every donation comes with an automatic benefit of being tax deductible. Reduce your taxable income while promoting independent filmmakers.


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You can support the film by donating through the link below, or by mailing a check to: Des Moines Film Society, 304 15th St., Suite 201, Des Moines, IA 50309. Please note on your check that the donation is for Counterfeit.


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