“OPERATION RESTORATION” is a documentary that chronicles the incredible true-life stories of Jim Bonner and Steve Gern. After spending the better part of their lives in daily combat overseas in the Global War on Terror, they’ve returned home and are now in the midst of another battle – to restore their lives while battling PTSD.


On more than one occasion, suicide seemed a viable option for them. We follow their journeys as they each build their companies, Jim mentors Steve, and they both set their sights on creating a venture that can help their brothers-in-arms do the same.


But success is anything but guaranteed.


We are raising funds to create the ‘sizzle reel’, which will be shot in two separate locations – Dallas, TX and just outside Washington, D.C.


Our goal is to raise $40,000 to create the sizzle reel, which will be used as the centerpiece of our fundraising efforts later to produce the full documentary.


We have an award-winning, Des Moines-based director, Jack Meggers, and a stellar, Des Moines-based production team of Loren Ekart and Michael Wilson. All three are highly experienced documentary film-makers.


With your help we can bring this incredible story of hope, grit and resilience to millions of people who will benefit from it.


Every donation is fully tax deductible, so reduce your taxable income while promoting this worth endeavor!


Stay up to date with all the film news at our production company page – www.thisrestoredlife.com.


You can support the film by donating through the link below, or by mailing a check to: Des Moines Film Society, 304 15th St., Suite 201, Des Moines, IA 50309. Please note on your check that the donation is for Operation Restoration.


When you click the Donate button below, be sure to select Operation Restoration from the drop-down menu.